Windows Deployment Service (WDS)

  • Install and configure WDS along with it’s required components
  • Understand the WDS boot process and how DHCP plays a role in different scenarios (single subnet vs multiple subnets)
  • Create an image using WDSCapture
  • Deploy both .wim and .vhd images
  • Understand how to boot clients that cannot use WDS’s PXE boot process
  • Learn how to configure your WDS in a secure fashion (known vs unknown clients and permissions)
  • Import boot images (WinPEs) and operating system images
  • Understand how Dynamic Driver Provisioning (DDP) works
  • Learn how to create a list of WDS servers the client may choose from during the deployment process
  • Learn how to create multicast transmissions and control them
  • Automate your WDS deployments using WSIM scripts (yes scripts – you’ll need more than one)
  • Learn the most common mistakes made when using WDS and how to NOT make the same mistakes yourself

SCCM is the only Microsoft deployment tool that is a “paid for solution”. SCCM comes with all the bells and whistles that a zero touch installation (ZTI) offers. You don’t need to understand SCCM to get something out of this section – Rhonda starts at the beginning with installation and terminology and takes you through troubleshooting failed deployments.

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